Our Mission

In a constantly evolving market it is paramount to promptly respond to regulatory and technological evolutions, while ensuring high specialization and managing complex organizational structures.

To this end, we help our clients achieve their Anti Financial Crime (AFC) transformation goals by:

  • Making communication between Compliance and IT more efficient/effective
  • Ensuring robustness of IT solutions and control systems
  • Bringing on board expertise when and where needed, to support the management of specialised work peaks
  • Integrating and configuring solutions based on leading market software products
  • Ensuring operational continuity in the transition from project to routine tools’ maintenance/administration



in AFC transformation





System Integration

Large projects



in which we worked


Business Consulting

We support Business and IT department to clarify compliance requirements and translate them into technical specifications, minimizing the risk of misunderstandings and the likelihood of potential change requests over time

System Integration

We take charge of platform integration and customization, mitigating operating risks and avoiding repetition of work cycles

Application Management
& service desk

We assist you in handling the application maintenance, ensuring operational continuity and providing troubleshooting/bug fixing, and the change management needs

Data analytics & AI

With our deep understanding of the domain, we provide a mix of services to support our customer from AI/ML model  set-up to their periodic review

How we Work

Different operating models to adapt to every need:

We offer customized services that include the delivery of “turnkey” projects, fee-based services or staff augmentation solutions.

Geographic flexibility – Near-shore and Off-shore:

We primarily work remotely, but through the near-shore model, we provide services from nearby locations, optimizing costs while maintaining high service quality.

Established methodologies for project success:

We apply project management methodologies ranging from Waterfall to Agile, up to ITIL Service Manager, to best adapt to the peculiarities of each project and customer.

Adherence to international standards:

We are committed to maintain high quality standards, in accordance with ISO 9000 and ISO 27000 regulations