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Financial Institution


Our solutions for Banks are created to implement a multi-channel anti-fraud strategy (online, ATM, cards, etc.), transversal to the different business lines (Retail, Corporate) and to the types of fraud:

  • Direct
  • Internal
  • In product acquisition / activation
  • On credit / debit cards
  • On Mortgages
  • In Payments
  • On-line


The combined use of best-in-class technologies, constant attention to the sector (e.g. UIF reports) and the customisation of discovery models through big data analytics allow our projects to provide solutions that:

  • Combine statistical models and “traditional” scenario-based discovery rules
  • Provide a unified view of the client during the investigation phase, aggregating data of different nature and origin (internal sources, open sources) etc., into a single archive
  • Analyse the risk in the light of relationships and dynamics of the network to which it belongs (Social Network Analysis)
  • Automatically identify and report suspicious high-risk relationships, favouring the convergence between the various areas of anti-fraud (e.g. Payments vs. Customer acquisition)
  • Reduce investigation time and the volume of false positives, increasing the effectiveness of our customers’ anti-fraud analysts.