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Public Administration


The variety and rapid evolution of fraud schemes relating to the services offered by the PA (Welfare, Healthcare, Public Credit Guarantees, Local Services, etc.) constitute the main difficulty in building an ongoing anti-fraud strategy and a coherent and complete control system.


Our anti-fraud solutions for the Italian PA uses anomalous phenomena and behavioural models, transforming them into easy-to-manage rules and tools of immediate use that enable you to:

  • Be compliant with current regulations and internal policies
  • Implement risk models according to the best known best practices and standards
  • Provide strategic support to governance
  • Support the realisation of the objectives of the PTPC
  • Determine and manage risk coefficients by applying a Risk Model designed ad hoc that uses internal and external information to the PA according to Best Practices
  • Report suspected cases with greatest risk (and supporting evidence) to the competent Offices through customisable workflows
  • Integrate innovative tools for fraud prediction such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into the PA control systems
  • Certify aggregate risks from different sources using the Blockchain