AM & service desk

Application Management / Service Desk:

JS has ten years of experience in providing application management for various tools in AML, KYC, Name Screening & Payment Filtering, Anti-fraud areas.

We have a specialised Service Desk, organized according to ITSM standards and ISO:27001 certified, which provides services in different countries and time zones, through channels and ticketing tools already in use by the client and a dedicated JS portal.

The Service Desk ensures the provision of assistance on three levels of intervention, for the following areas:

  • Client support. Includes all interventions necessary for active monitoring and support of the correct functioning of applications in operation, to ensure operational continuity and constant improvement of overall performance.
  • Corrective and evolutive maintenance. Includes the diagnosis and removal of issues, as well as “constant improvement” resulting from regulatory and application updates. The service can be triggered by “incidents” or “change requests” reported by the client.
  • Availability. Our team can work in extraordinary time windows (e.g., night, holiday) on high priority “incidents.”

JS Service Desk can also partner with other Customer’s teams (e.g. internal development tribes/squads, software vendors) to undertake specific tasks (e.g. data quality analysis, system upgrades) and assist during periods of peak activity or when it is crucial to have a specialized workforce on hand.

We know how complex it can be to entrust a new provider with the application maintenance of up-and-running installations.

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