Use Cases
Over the years, we have faced very diverse scenarios and developed a deep understanding of the specific challenges of AFC transformation.

Some of these success stories are here… and we would be happy to provide you with a detailed presentation tailored to your specific needs.

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Functional support for the replacement of the AFC control system (AML, KYC/CDD, Name Screening, Payment Filtering) at a Tier-1 international Banking Group

As part of a multi-country transformation program (Head Office, Foreign Branches, International Subsidiary Banks), the client needed to secure its replacement program by integrating the internal IT team with a pool of highly specialized resources on the incoming technology. While the configuration of the new tool was assigned to the solution provider itself, JS worked side by side with the IT team to support the scoping of requirements and the design of “integrated” solutions, acting as a “technical-functional translator” to mitigate the risk of unalignments between business requirements and target solutions to be implemented. The pool of experts in to reviewing executive design documents, certifying their consistency and adherence to the requirements and product native capabilities, defining the test and go-live strategies.

Technical support to a foreign subsidiary of a leading Banking Group, with the migration to the new head office tool (AML TM, KYC, List screening).

JS supported the Bank in the technical activities of designing and integrating the new tool, according to the guidelines of the Head Office transformation program. Our specialization on the target tool allowed us to perform autonomously all the integration customization activities, required by local compliance obligations, acting as a focal point towards both the Head Office the Bank.

Installation of an AFC solution at a Tier 2 Financial Institution.

JS autonomously carried out, as a certified partner of the vendor, the installation and configuration of the new AML/CDD solution. We worked “end-to-end” in the project pipeline, from functional analysis to configuration, test and go-live of the new solution. After go-live, we assisted the Client, also through our Service Desk, in the evolutionary and corrective maintenance, as well as in the calibration/tuning of thresholds and risk model.

Design and implementation of a risk model and a framework of tools for countering fraud in a primary entity of the central public administration.

Our Client manages a series of very different processes, linked to the provision of financing and support to businesses, exposed to risks of abuse and fraud. Our Data Scientists analyzed the client’s datasets to create a risk model whose risk indicators scans different areas of “services” and integrated it with a set of “unsupervised machine learning” models that enhance the discovery capabilities to previously unidentified phenomena. The evidence detected by the model feed an “ongoing monitoring software framework” used to assess and manage risk events according to Client’s specific operating model and enables the Client to conduct more targeted verification campaigns.

Installation of the new Sanctions/Embargos screening tool for a Tier-2 Bank-Assurance client.

JS supported the client in the review of their Sanctions screening operations and in the adoption of the new tool for name screening. JS analyzed the control and workflow requirements, designed and created screening algorithms, while configured and integrated the tool within client’s legacy procedures for on-boarding and claims settlement. As part of “continuous improvement,” we support the client in maintaining the tool up-to-date with to regulatory and organizational evolutions.

AFC software vendor joint projects.

JS is an accredited partner of several AFC solution vendors. We contribute to our technology partners’ projects by providing specialized technical resources to their Professional Services, for the ramp-up on complex projects for Financial Services clients worldwide. This allows us to accumulate experience in diverse contexts and keeping the pace with the latest best practices and product evolutions

Application Management of AFC platforms.

For FI in different countries, our Service Desk enrich and extends client’s Application Management teams with specific expertise in “Incident Handling” and “Customer Support”. We allow our clients an easier management of peaks change request peaks, or the outsourcing of corrective and evolutionary maintenance.

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